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Opening the show, Phil says that we're starting on a ""tiny island in the Everglades."" We see the teams in speedboats and Phil introduces. Here's who we have for this edition of The Amazing Race: Heather & Eve - Roommates and recent graduates of Harvard Law School Michael & Kathy - Recently dating, never been together for more than five days Dennis & Andrew - Dad's a strict southern Baptist who doesn't approve of his son's lifestyle: he's gay Flo & Zach - Friends who met in college Derek & Drew - Identical twins & models Gina & Sylvia - The ""soccer moms"" Tramel & Talicia - Brother & sister Aaron & Arianne - Best friends who ""think outside the box"" Teri & Ian - Married parents together for 22 years Andre & Damon - Police officer and fireman Ken & Gerard - Brothers John Vito &...

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